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Traditions & Artisans

Traditions are an essential characteristic of what makes a country unique and we have so many to share with you!

Join the centuries’ old colourful Our Lady of Agonia Procession in the magical northern coastline where the women dress up in traditional outfits and parade their gold necklaces to the thousands of onlookers or enjoy the stunning world-renowned river fireworks of Saint John festival in Porto, aboard a private typical Port wine vessel in the river Douro itself! We want you to live our traditions from the inside, just like we ourselves do.

As a country with almost one thousand years of history and artisanship, we take pride in our artisanship. For centuries we were prime ship makers, leading the way in the Discoveries era. Now, join us exploring the beauty of our craftmanship: a private workshop at a typical “filigrana” jewellery maker in the North, a visit to a tile-making atelier in Lisbon or come find out where and how cork is made in a cork tree estate in the south.

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