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Ribatejo is a sub-region located to the northeast of Lisboa and an area of the country where traditions have been carefully and proudly preserved, such as horse farming, winemaking, cattle breeding and agriculture, which explains the close connection to the land.

It’s quite hard to believe that within just an hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the city, you get to be immersed in the purest of nature, where birds chirping are the natural alarm clock.

The property we suggest is one of the most beautiful in Ribatejo and concentrates the best about it: history, traditions, old customs, great quality olive oil and wine, horses and truly welcoming people.

After being greeted with a warm welcome, you’ll go for a guided visit to get to know the property’s main highlights, such as the chapel, the winery and the stables. Afterwards you can then venture all together on a horse ridden carriage around the fields to really get immersed in the countryside. Then lunch will be served at the palace main dining room, where you’ll be joined by the property’s owners who will tell you all about the Quinta’s history and traditions.