Vila Monte

We find ourselves in the Eastern Algarve, in the precise place between the mountains and the ocean. Here time has a different time. Ancestral. It’s the time of traditions, of tastes. It’s the time of the cadence of the seasons, which dress the trees of our garden in different tones, with flowers and fruits. It’s the time of the tides of the Ria Formosa, of the life that is preserved there and of the fragile ecosystem in which it is maintained.

Of the villages whose origins have long been lost, from the shepherd’s slow pace or the time it takes since the fisherman’s net is launched until it reaches the sea. But it is also the time of great changes, new challenges and experiences. Of a boiling world.

And it is here that we exist, in the balance between what we want to preserve from our roots and what we want to receive from this new world.

We want to share this experience with you. At a space that escaped the haste of the crowds.

Southern land. This Algarve. Intact. Raw.