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If there is something that portuguese people take very seriously it is their gastronomy!

This is a country where most family homes have three course meals every day. From the infinite variety of seafood found along the coastline, to fulfilling soups in the north and interior to the freshest grilled fish straight out of the ocean in the Algarve, without forgetting the tenderest meats and traditional pastries that define every single region, city and village. And lest we forget… the wood-oven baked breads. Whether you are a foodie or not, Portuguese gastronomy is one of a kind and unforgettable and you’ll be sure to leave with an extra hole punched in your belt…!

What makes Portuguese wine so diverse?
Portugal is a place of many influences, making the diversity and uniqueness of wine a good metaphor for the people and the land that give birth to it. There are fourteen wine producing regions, different from each other and with unique characteristics that are worth knowing. We design ‘Tailor Made’ programs with leading wine producers and wine tourism, wine tastings with the best national sommeliers and activities where wine is the center of attention. A world of undiscovered experiences.

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