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This hike starts at the continental Europe westernmost point, Cape Roca, where “the land ends and the sea begins” and will take you along the beautiful coast of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

You’ll follow an ancient fishermen path that snakes along the coast above the cliffs and offers stunning views along the way. You’ll get to admire the untouched beauty of Ursa beach, amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world, to approach the Fojo, a natural well that connects to the sea, to pass by Adraga beach, another favourite in the area, and also to see the dinosaur footprints that date back 130 million years.

The day will finish in the most western vineyard in Europe. This local farm, built in the 18th century, stands between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra sierra. Its wines are characterized by their aging-potential, character and complexity. After visiting the vineyards and the winery, we will have a wine tasting where we will try some of the most enigmatic fine wines of Portugal. Thanks to the proximity of the sea, these wines have strong savory sea notes, being also very fragrant, fresh and balanced.