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We invite you to visit a Portuguese ceramics factory that produces all of its pieces using entirely handmade methods from the preparation of clay to glass and painting, maintaining the same processes since 1741, when it was founded.

The younger generations of the family decided to keep this secular art alive and have contributed to the preservation of the original building and the techniques, honouring traditions and respecting the local workers.

Still today tiles are produced on a daily basis taking inspiration from the 16th century traditional patterns but also works of art according to the creations of renowned contemporary architects and artists, bridging the old with the new.

This activity comprises two phases: it begins with a tour around the factory, where you will be able to know the different spaces, such as the pottery kilns, the ovens and  the  painting  room. Then you’ll be able to paint your own tile whilst admiring the experienced and trained hands of the local artisans doing the same!