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Fairy tale castles, colossal waves, “extrava-gothic” monasteries. 

This little-known inland region of Portugal boasts medieval & millennial forts & castles of Europe, home to countless battles that shaped what has become the oldest country with its unmodified border of the world. In its coast (silver coast) comes up Nazaré a small fishing town that has become a surfing destination since the iconic “Garrett McNamara’s wave”. Although the international spotlights, Nazaré kept its calm pace and irresistible character: the wooden boats are still docking on the sand by sunrise with fresh fish, and the views from the promontory are always spectacular. Óbidos,Batalha, Alcobaça and Tomar are Unesco World Heritage classified sites in Portugal. Surrounded by fertile lands, all have monasteries, some with a monumental architecture that no one would say it has housed modest monks for centuries.