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Immerse yourself in Lisbon’s Urban Art Scene

Lisbon has a very interesting urban art scene and gathers big art pieces from both national and international artists. VHILS, Bordalo II, Mário Belém, Vanessa Teodoro, Regg Salgado, Add Fuel are just a few Portuguese artists to keep in mind… This guided tour is curated by a an artist itself and aims to introduce you to the city’s urban art culture, to show you some great examples throughout town and to tell you the stories behind them.

The idea is venturing to cool and creative artistic hubs filled with interesting murals and urban art pieces, walking around the picturesque neighbourhoods famous for the steep cobble stone streets where you’ll find fantastic belvederes and jaw dropping urban art pieces and, to top it all off, going up to the forest of Monsanto, where there’s a mysterious abandoned building which offers fantastic 360º views over Lisbon.

What used to be a restaurant, is now a concrete complex filled with street art pieces from both acclaimed artists and street art enthusiasts, having been the stage to Iminente, a music & urban art festival curated by Vhils. It’s the perfect place to wrap up this adventure where the surrounding woods contrast with the wide views of the city.

At the end of this tour you’ll become a connoisseur of Lisbon’s best street and urban art examples, a form of contemporary art that cannot go unnoticed during a visit to the city.