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Dinner and Intimate Concert at a hidden location in the heart of Lisbon

It isn’t easy to put into words what this experience is all about. However, there’s no arguing it all started with André, a superb host with an exquisite taste and eye for detail, and a wine connoisseur. One thing led to another and suddenly, he was organizing small gatherings at home, during which perfect strangers embark on a sensorial journey that always includes a delicious homecooked meal, good wine and an intimate music show.

This stylish apartment can be found inside a typical building right in the heart of Lisbon and, as soon as André opens the door, you’ll feel like walking in an old friend’s apartment which curiously you’ll never met.

It is a home away from home, a meeting point, always a good surprise and a place where you’ll spend an unforgettable night in the city.