Cabana da Viscondessa

Cabanas da Viscondessa is the ideal place to get immersed in the spectacular natural scenery of São
Jorge, one of the most pristine islands in the archipelago of Azores.
These adorable wooden cabanas can be found inside a beautiful estate located in the island’s southern
coast, and allow you to explore the wilderness of São Jorge without having to leave behind the
coziness of modern living. The estate was named after the Viscondessa de São Mateus and has been
maintained in the family for the last two centuries. The stories of the Viscondessa and her relatives
pave the way for the guests to discover the history and culture of the island.
There are 6 cabanas in total, ranging between 33 and 66 sqm, with a minimalist décor that merges
natural elements and beautiful small details. Every cabana has its private outdoors wooden deck to
admire the lush green surroundings.
Despite being equipped with everything needed for a comfortable self-catering stay, there’s an in
house restaurant where guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared with locally sourced products.