BODE Country House

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At the foot of the historic village of Monsanto, nestled in the hills, stands a discreet luxury retreat that exudes new life in a place once poetically described as an “island in the sky.”

BODE Country House perfectly embodies the character and spirit of this region of Portugal, combining rural authenticity with modern comfort and creating harmony between past and present.

On the ground floor, social areas such as the restaurant, dining areas, and living rooms are interconnected, creating a warm and conducive environment for socializing. Four well-appointed bedrooms are arranged on the ground floor, accessible directly from the outside. Upstairs, divided between the two buildings, six more bedrooms provide breathtaking views as far as the eye can see.

As guests venture into the outdoor areas, they encounter a pool nestled in the rocks and patios shaded by pergolas, creating ideal spaces for relaxation and contemplation.

More than just a rural retreat, BODE Country House is a tribute to simplicity and sophistication, a celebration of authenticity and hospitality. It is undoubtedly a refuge not to be missed in the heart of Portugal.


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